A MediaWiki extension that allows for the storage and querying of data contained within templates.

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3.5.1 2024-03-13 18:44 UTC


Cargo extension

        Version 3.5.1
        Yaron Koren

This is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License. Please
see for further details, including the
full text and terms of the license.

== Overview ==

Cargo is an extension to MediaWiki that provides a lightweight way
to store and query the data contained within the calls to templates, such
as infoboxes.

The extension defines the following parser functions:

* #cargo_declare - placed within the <noinclude> part of a template; it
defines the schema for a table.

* #cargo_attach - also placed within the <noinclude> part of a template;
specifies that a template adds rows to a table declared elsewhere.

* #cargo_store - stores one row to a Cargo table; usually placed within
the <includeonly> part of a template.

* #cargo_query - queries one or more Cargo data tables, using SQL

* #cargo_compound_query - calls multiple queries, and displays the
results together.

* #cargo_display_map - displays a map showing a single point.

* #recurring_event - outputs a string holding a list of dates for a
recurring event, for use by #cargo_store.

It also defines Lua functions equivalent to some of these parser
functions, for use within the Scribunto extension.

For more information, see the extension homepage at:

== Requirements ==

This version of the Cargo extension requires MediaWiki 1.37 or higher.

== Installation ==

To install the extension, place the entire 'Cargo' directory within
your MediaWiki 'extensions' directory, then add the following line to
your 'LocalSettings.php' file:

     wfLoadExtension( 'Cargo' );

Then, go to core MediaWiki's /maintenance directory, and call the

     php update.php

== Credits ==

Cargo was created, and mostly written by, Yaron Koren.

Query formats were also added by Cindy Cicalese, Luis Morillas, StasR,
Kris Field, Anjali Kumari and Sam Wilson.

Support for hierarchy fields was added by Feroz Ahmed as a project for
the 2017 Google Summer of Code.

Substantial improvements to the Special:Drilldown page, including
support for "parent tables", were done by Nikhil Kumar as part of the
2018 Google Summer of Code.

Substantial improvements to the Special:CargoQuery page were done by
Ankita Mandal as part of the 2019 Google Summer of Code.

Important code contributions were also made by Ad Strack van Schijndel,
Cody3647, Derick Alangi, Duncan Crane, Ed Hoo, IijimaYun, Namit Ohri,
Paladox, Priyanshu Varshney, Tomás Bolaño, Sahaj Khandelwal, Vivek
Ghaisas, Megan Cutrofello, Yash Varshney, Naresh Kumar, Thiemo Kreuz,
Máté Szabó, Umherirrender and others.

== Contact ==

Comments, questions, suggestions and bug reports can be sent to the
MediaWiki mailing list:

If possible, please add "[Cargo]" at the beginning of the subject line, to
clarify the subject matter.

== Credits to other projects ==

Cargo contains the following JavaScript libraries:

* bpmn-js (, available under a custom
open source license.

* dagre (, available under the MIT

* DataTables (, available under the MIT License.

* DHTMLX Gantt (, available
under the GNU General Public License.

* FullCalendar (, available under the MIT License.

* markerclusterer.js, available under the Apache License.

* slick (, available under the MIT

Cargo makes the following additional uses of outside code:

* A significant portion of the drill-down code was copied from the
Semantic Drilldown extension, also written (for the most part) by Yaron

* Much of the map display code was copied from the Miga JavaScript library
(, also written by Yaron Koren.

* Various of the display formats include elements from the code of their
corresponding formats in Semantic MediaWiki and other extensions, notably
the 'outline' format.