Adds one or more authors to a tx_news record, show a list of all authors and display a detail page of the author containing the attached news entries.

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5.0.1 2020-09-16 08:32 UTC

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Last update: 2021-04-07 18:05:26 UTC


This extension is based on extbase & fluid and provides the famous extension ext:news of Georg Ringer (thanks a lot @georgringer !) with one or more authors. You can centrally manage authors and attach them to news records. The extensions comes with a plugin, which lists all authors and provides a detail page of one author which also shows the news records of the selected author.


  • TYPO3 >= 9.5
  • ext:news >= 7.0


  • Install the extension by using the extension manager
  • Include the static TypoScript of the extension
  • Configure the extension by setting your own constants


Create authors and attach them to news records

  • Create some author records on a sysfolder (use list modul, push plus-icon [Create new record] and select News Author)
  • Create a news record on a sysfolder and find the new tab Author
  • Select one or more authors for the news record
  • Save and close

List authors

Insert paginated list of all authors.

  • Create a plugin News Author on a page
  • Choose the value List authors in Plugin settings
  • Choose for Page with single author view the page with single author view
  • Select the sysfolder where the author records are stored
  • Additional settings can be found in the tab List view settings
  • If needed, show authors of certain categoreies only (tab Categories)
  • Save and close

Authors detail page

Insert a author detail view. This page includes also all news which are associated with the choosen author.

  • Create a plugin News Author on a page
  • Choose the value Author details in Plugin settings
  • Optionally choose for Page with author list the page with the list of all authors
  • Select the sysfolder where the author records are stored
  • Additional settings can be found in the tab List view settings
  • Save and close

Show author in ext:news view

  • Access the author properties in a news record with {newsItem.newsAuthor}. Since there could be more than one author attached to a news record, you have to iterate:
<f:for each="{newsItem.newsAuthor}" as="author">
    {md:ShowAuthorName(author: author)}
    {author. ...}
  • Add a link to the profile page

Don't forget to load the viewhelper {namespace md=Mediadreams\MdNewsAuthor\ViewHelpers}:

<f:for each="{newsItem.newsAuthor}" as="author">
    <f:link.action action="show" controller="NewsAuthor" extensionName="mdnewsauthor" pluginName="newsauthor" arguments="{newsAuthor: author}" pageUid="{settings.newsAuthor.authorDetailPid}" title="More about {md:ShowAuthorName(author:'{author}')}">
        <md:ShowAuthorName author="{author}" />

Page TSconfig

In order to show only authors of a single page in the "Authors"-tab of a news record, you can use the following TSconfig:

TCEFORM.tx_news_domain_model_news.news_author.PAGE_TSCONFIG_STR = 1

This will show only the author records, which are stored on page ID = 1


    type: Extbase
    extension: MdNewsAuthor
    plugin: NewsAuthor
        routePath: '{slug}'
        _controller: 'NewsAuthor::show'
          'slug': 'newsAuthor'
        routePath: '/a-z/{letter}'
        _controller: 'NewsAuthor::list'
          'letter': 'selectedLetter'
    defaultController: 'NewsAuthor::list'
      slug: '^[a-zA-Z0-9].*$'
        type: PersistedAliasMapper
        tableName: 'tx_mdnewsauthor_domain_model_newsauthor'
        routeFieldName: 'slug'
        type: StaticValueMapper
          a: A
          b: B
          c: C
          d: D
          e: E
          f: F
          g: G
          h: H
          i: I
          j: J
          k: K
          l: L
          m: M
          n: N
          o: O
          p: P
          q: Q
          r: R
          s: S
          t: T
          u: U
          v: V
          w: W
          x: X
          y: Y
          z: Z

Bugs and Known Issues

If you find a bug, it would be nice if you add an issue on Github.


Thanks a lot to all who make this outstanding TYPO3 project possible!


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