This extension brings the with switchable views for month, week and day to ext:calendarize. It is also possible to filter calendars by categories.

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2.0.2 2021-04-04 14:17 UTC

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Last update: 2021-04-04 14:20:20 UTC


This extension brings the Javascript with switchable views for month, week and day to ext:calendarize. It is also possible to filter calendars by categories.

In comparison to the Fullcalendar view of ext:calendarize, the shipped plugin of this extension loads the events in the background according to the selected view of the calendar. So you can switch between the month-, week- and day view without reloading the page.

If you use the Bootstrap framework in you project, the detail view of an event is opened in a modal window.


Month view: Screenshot month

Week view: Screenshot month

Day view: Screenshot day

Detail view: Screenshot detail


  • TYPO3 >= 9.5
  • ext:calendarize >= 4.0


  • Install the extension by using the extension manager or use composer
  • Include the static TypoScript of the extension
  • Configure the extension by changing variables which are set in setup.typoscript
    • settings.dateFormat: The format of the dates. Default: d.m.Y
    • settings.timeFormat: The format of the time. Default: H:i
    • The Id of the page, where the detail view of an item is shown. On this page you have to insert the plugin Calendar of ext:calendarize with either List + Detail or Detail only mode.
    • settings.showIcsIcalButton: Flag for showing a button to download the event for inserting it into your own calendar
    • persistence.storagePid: Make sure to set the storagePid to the Pid, where the records of ext:calendarize are stored! Otherwise you can set the Record Storage Page individually in the plugin.
  • for TYPO3 >= 9 add following routeEnhancer:
    type: PageType
      '/calendar-ajax.html': 1573760945


  • Add the plugin Fullcalendar for ext:calendarize on a page
  • Switch to the tab Plugin to configure some options
    • Language of calendar: Select the language for the calendar
    • Calendar view: Select the initial view of the calendar (month, week, day)
    • Parent category for filter: Select a category of which the child categories are shown in a category filter on the calendar

Bugs and Known Issues

If you find a bug, it would be nice if you add an issue on Github.


Thanks a lot to all who make this outstanding TYPO3 project possible!


  • Thanks to Tim Lochmüller who has developed the extension Calendarize, which is the base for this extension.
  • Thanks to Adam Shaw, the creator of FullCalendar, which I use as calendar.
  • The extension icon is based on the logo of FullCalendar.