This extension brings the with switchable views for month, week and day to ext:calendarize. It is also possible to filter calendars by categories.

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4.0.0 2024-03-20 08:44 UTC

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This extension brings the Javascript with switchable views for month, week and day to ext:calendarize. It is also possible to filter calendars by categories.

In comparison to the Fullcalendar view of ext:calendarize, the shipped plugin of this extension loads the events in the background according to the selected view of the calendar. So you can switch between the month-, week- and day view without reloading the page.

If you use the Bootstrap framework in you project, the detail view of an event is opened in a modal window.


Month view: Screenshot month

Week view: Screenshot month

Day view: Screenshot day

Detail view: Screenshot detail


  • TYPO3 >= 11.5
  • ext:calendarize >= 12.0


  • Install the extension by using the extension manager or use composer
  • Include the static TypoScript of the extension
  • Configure the extension by changing variables which are set in setup.typoscript
    • settings.dateFormat: The format of the dates. Default: d.m.Y
    • settings.timeFormat: The format of the time. Default: H:i
    • The Id of the page, where the detail view of an item is shown. On this page you have to insert the plugin Calendar of ext:calendarize with either List + Detail or Detail only mode.
    • settings.showIcsIcalButton: Flag for showing a button to download the event for inserting it into your own calendar
    • persistence.storagePid: Make sure to set the storagePid to the Pid, where the records of ext:calendarize are stored! Otherwise you can set the Record Storage Page individually in the plugin.
  • for TYPO3 >= 9 add following routeEnhancer:
    type: PageType
      '/calendar-ajax.html': 1573760945


  • Add the plugin Fullcalendar for ext:calendarize on a page
  • Switch to the tab Plugin to configure some options
    • Language of calendar: Select the language for the calendar
    • Calendar view: Select the initial view of the calendar (month, week, day)
    • Parent category for filter: Select a category of which the child categories are shown in a category filter on the calendar

Category colors

You can use colors for the different categories in the filters and for the calendar entries. Just add the following to your stylesheet, whereas the number at the end of .category123 is the id of the category:

.tx-md-fullcalendar .category123 {
    color: #fff;
    background-color: red;

Template layouts

You are able to configure template layouts in TsConfig:

tx_mdfullcalendar_cal {
  templateLayouts {
    1 = First layout
    2 = Second layout

Bugs and Known Issues

If you find a bug, it would be nice if you add an issue on Github.


Thanks a lot to all who make this outstanding TYPO3 project possible!


  • Thanks to Tim Lochmüller who has developed the extension Calendarize, which is the base for this extension.
  • Thanks to Adam Shaw, the creator of FullCalendar, which I use as calendar.
  • The extension icon is based on the logo of FullCalendar.