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Provides HTML minification

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OctoberCMS plugin that provides HTML code minification.


Default configuration for the plugin is:

  • config.php:
return [
    'compactation' => [
        'enabled' => false,
        'compactor' => '\\Mcustiel\\Compactor\\Classes\\Services\\Implementation\\PhpWeeHtmlCompactor',

To activate page minification, you need to overwrite the config as explained in october's documentation and set 'enabled' to true.

If you want to add your own html minificator, you can specify it in the config. Your minificator must implement \Mcustiel\Compactor\Classes\Services\HtmlCompactorInterface:

interface HtmlCompactorInterface
     * @param string $html
     * @return string
    public function compactHtml($html);