Vindinium in (mostly) hack-strict

v0.3.3 2015-05-06 17:46 UTC


Vindinium starter in (mostly) hack-strict, based on the Scala version by @ornicar.

Four legendary heroes were fighting for the land of Vindinium
Making their way in the dangerous woods
Slashing goblins and stealing gold mines
And looking for a tavern where to drink their gold


The game script is located at bin/hackdinium, or vendor/bin/hackdinium if installed via composer.

$ hackdinium

    hackdinium -- Vindinium is an Artificial Intelligence programming challenge.

    hackdinium <key> <[training|arena]> [-t,--turns=300] [-h,--host=""]

    Vindinium is an Artificial Intelligence programming challenge.
You have to take the control of a legendary hero using the programming language of your choice.
You will fight with other AI for a predetermined number of turns and the hero with the greatest
amount of gold will win.

For more information, visit

    -t [<value>]
        Number of Turns / Number of Arena Games
    -m [<value>]
        Training mode map [m1..m6]
    -h [<value>]
        The host URL



Hackdinium is available via composer.

    "require": {
        "mcrumm/vindinium-hacklang": "~0.3"

Virtual Environment

Check out the vagrant-hackdinium repo for a fully-functional virtual environment for Hackdinium.

Why "mostly" hack-strict?

First off, the top-level namespace, as well as the Bot and Game namespaces are entirely //strict. Any companion code you write can likely be the same.

However, there are a few partial objects/namespaces, as well:

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