An xUnit testing framework for Hack

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xUnit written in Hack, for Hack

xUnit testing framework written in Facebook's language, Hack

Built against HHVM nightly.


HackUnit can be run using bin/hackunit or if installed via composer - vendor/bin/hackunit.

bin/hackunit [--hackunit-file="..."] [--exclude="..."] [path]

HackPack demo


The Hackunit.php file is included before tests are run. You can specify the path to this file with the --hackunit-file switch, or HackUnit will look in the current working directory for one.

Excluding paths

Currently the only way to exclude paths from the HackUnit loader is to specify a space delimited list at the command line: bin/hackunit --exclude="/path/to/ExcludedTest.php /path/to/many/tests/"

How HackUnit loads tests

Currently HackUnit follows a convention for loading tests. Test case files must end in the Test.php or Test.hh extension - i.e NumbersTest.php.

Only methods beginning with the word test will be considered for execution by the loader (although this may change soon)


The goal of HackUnit is to write a testing framework using Hack's strict mode. HackUnit itself is tested with HackUnit.

Top level code must use a hack mode of //partial and certain functions like include_once and exit require the use of //UNSAFE. These requirements may change as Hack evolves.

Running HackUnit's tests

From the project directory run this:

bin/hackunit --exclude Tests/Fixtures/ Tests/