Provides access control to Drupal nodes based on role. Access can also be controled by specific user. Drupal 9 ready.

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8.2.2 2020-09-01 12:59 UTC

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This module is now fully Drupal 9 compatible and will be maintained to remain so. Many interface and feature enhancements have been made as part of the code cleanup and the fixing of bugs. Please see the GitHub Wiki for this project to get a complete set of documentation on how to use this module as well as how to update form previous versions of Nodeaccess that have been hosted on This is also the place to learn how to configure Nodeaccess. That information has been removed from this file as it was tough to understand without the visuals.

Nodeaccess Wiki

This module allows you to manage permissions for nodes by role and user. In other words, it implements per node access control for users and groups. With this module, you can restrict access to any individual node without having to use taxonomy. You can assign permission to view, edit or delete each individual node by user or role. Once enabled, a 'grant' tab will appear on node pages. You can click this and assign permissions for that node.

For a full description of the module, visit the project page below. That is also the place to submit pull requests.

Nodeaccess GitHub repository

Nodeaccess Packagist repository

To submit bug reports, feature suggestions:

Nodeaccess issue queue