Monobullet is a Monolog handler that notifies via Pushbullet API

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Monobullet is simply a Pushbullet handler for Monolog. It will send you (or someone else, or many people) a push when your app logs something.

It includes a nice formatter for when logging an Exception and its stack.

For the record, Pushbullet is a platform allowing you to send a push to one or multiple devices using the mobile app, the web app or REST APIs.


You can install the latest version with:

$ composer require max13/monobullet

Laravel 5.2 and above/similars

Add these lines to your config/services.php:

'monobullet' => [
    'token' => 'YOUR PUSHBULLET TOKEN',
    'name' => 'NAME OF YOUR APP',
    'recipients' => 'email',
    'level' => Monolog\Logger::INFO,
    'propagate' => true,
    'env' => ['staging', 'production'],

Here are the variables references:

  • token: Your Pushbullet api token.
  • name: The name of your app, will be used to make the push's title.
  • recipients: Can either be 1 email address, or an array of email addresses.
  • level: Minimum level to take care. The default is Monolog\Logger:INFO.
  • propagate: When false, if a record is handled, it won't be propagated to other handlers.
  • env: Can either be 1 environment name (like production) or an array of environment name.

Then, add this line to Laravel's config/app.php, inside the providers array:


/!\ Note that when using Service Provider, Monobullet will be set on the top of the Monolog's handlers, so the bubble parameter is important. After that you're good to go!

Other frameworks

Put this wherever your framework's doc is telling you to do (parameters references are above):

use Monobullet\PushbulletHandler;
// or: use Monobullet\Handler;
use Monolog\Logger;

$logger = new Logger('NAME'); // Will be used as the title of the push
$logger->pushHandler(new PushbulletHandler('PUSHBULLET_TOKEN', $recipients, $level = Logger::INFO, $bubble = false));
$logger->info('This is just a test log'); // You will receive a push saying this content


Feel free to open an issue if you need anything. The same way, don't hesitate to send PRs ;)

When sending a PR, don't forget to add your name in the "Contributors" section of this README.


Currently, I'm the only author of this package:

  • Adnan RIHAN


  • None (yet)