Add-on TYPO3 extension that enhances the "EXT:marketing_automation" TYPO3 extension by connecting it to the Mautic Marketing Automation platform: Determine "Persona" from Mautic segments. Also provides additional services e.g. language synchronisation between Mautic and TYPO3.

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v4.4.3 2023-11-02 07:48 UTC



Welcome to the official Mautic extension for TYPO3.

Supported Versions

We currently support Mautic v4.

  • For TYPO3 v11 and above on PHP8, please use extension release 4.4.x
  • For TYPO3 v10 and v11 on PHP7, please use extension release 4.3.x
  • For TYPO3 v9, please use extension release 3.x


The Mautic TYPO3 extension has many features that allow you to integrate your marketing automation workflow in TYPO3.

Dynamic Content Blocks

Ever wanted to serve different content to different users based on their Mautic segments? With this extension you will be able to set aside content in your TYPO3 website for specific Mautic segments. This way, you will be able to decide what content to serve to which people. In good TYPO3 fashion, this can apply not only to content elements but also to entire pages or even data sets, templates, ...

Form Synchronization

With the Mautic extension for TYPO3 you can create your forms in the TYPO3 backend, and have all data collected in Mautic too! You no longer need to maintain two forms, the extension will automatically sync all forms you have marked as 'Mautic forms' with Mautic. You can then easily post form results to Mautic, while your form will always stay up-to-date with your TYPO3 edits.

TYPO3 Form Customization

In case you got own elements or similiar customization within the EXT:form component you should be aware of the possibly necessary adaptions you have to do. A custom element needs a transformation and field property depending of the element content and what you want to do with it. In case of an e.g. LinkedCheckbox element providing an GDPR checkbox along with a linked text you might not want the data to be transferred into mautic. In this case you can do the following:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['mautic']['transformation']['formField']['LinkedCheckbox'] = \Bitmotion\Mautic\Transformation\FormField\IgnoreTransformation::class;

If you actually want to transfer the data into mautic you need to choose a fitting Transformation class along with extending the inheritance of the custom element to use the mautic mixin. This provides the possibility to choose a property for the element in the form module.

The side effect of not handling those custom elements could be that the form data is not transferred into mautic correctly. This is only the case on initial setup and first submitting of the form with such an non configured element. Once the form is submitted those custom elements are getting ignored.

Mautic Form Actions

Create contacts or modify the points of a contact straight from a TYPO3 Form.

Mautic Form Content Element

If you wish to use Mautic forms directly, you can now add them with the Mautic Form content element that comes shipped with this extension.

Tracking Script Integration

Integrate the Mautic tracking script into your frontend with one click of a button!

OAuth support

All requests made by this extension are secured using OAuth (with Mautic only supping OAuth2 in recent versions). You can easily configure your API tokens in the extension manager of TYPO3.


Set tags for users when they are visiting a page!


Link to Mautic assets directly in TYPO3 using file relations or the TYPO3 link wizard!


The Mautic API is made available (see "ContactRepository")


First, install the extensions marketing_automation and mautic in your TYPO3.

Afterwards, establish the API connection:

  • Go to "API Credentials" in Mautic and create a new "OAuth2" credential set (give your TYPO3 website's domain as "redirect URI")
  • write down public and secret key
  • go to the "API Connection" backend module in TYPO3, select "OAuth2", and enter the keys from above
  • Now hit "Authorize with Mautic"
  • A Mautic login windows comes up. Log in, and click "Accept"


Documentation and a getting started guide can be found here.

Known Issues

TYPO3 Form Builder

Want to map to a field (e.g. "contact email") but can't find it?

Currently, only 30 Mautic custom fields are offered in TYPO3's field mapping.

-> You can use Mautic's field sorting as a workaround, thus control which fields are offered.

Packaging for use in the Extension Manager

Clone the repository and run the following in the extension root directory:

composer package

Contributing Partners


You can contribute by making a pull request to the master branch of this repository.

Questions or Suggestions?

You can always open an issue in this repository if you find a bug or have a feature request. Next to that you can also come visit us on Slack (Mautic or TYPO3> in the channel #typo3-mautic.