This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Samsui is a factory library for building PHP objects useful for setting up test data in your applications.

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Samsui is a factory library for building PHP objects useful for setting up test data in your applications. It is mainly inspired by Rosie for JavaScript and factory_girl for Ruby.

Samsui women refers to a group of Chinese immigrants who came to Singapore to work in construction and industries. Their hardwork contributed to Singapore's development as a colony and young nation.

With Samsui, you can quickly build prototype application and generate as many data as you need for testing your prototype.

  • Samsui was created by and maintained by Sam Yong.
  • Samsui uses Travis CI to check that the code works.
  • Samsui uses [Scrutinizer CI] to check code quality and test coverage.
  • Samsui uses Composer to load and manage its dependencies.
  • Samsui is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license.


Samsui is a PHP library that manages its dependencies using Composer. You can directly use Samsui in your application through Composer:

    "require": {
      "mauris/samsui": "1.0.*"

Then just run Composer:

$ php composer.phar install


You can provide definition of your objects to Samsui:

use Samsui\Factory;

$factory = new Factory();

// define an object quickly
	->attr('firstName', 'James')
    ->attr('lastName', 'Clark')
    ->attr('email', function ($i, $o) {
        return strtolower($o->firstName . '.' . $o->lastName . '');
	->attr('createdTime', function () {
		return time();

You can build one at a time, or hundreds of them on the go!

// build them on the go!
$person = $factory->build('person');

// or build many!~
$people = $factory->build('person', 500);

The output of a person object would be (well, after JSON encoding):

    "personId": "1",
    "firstName": "James",
    "lastName": "Clark",
    "email": "",
    "createdTime": "1383465074"

You can also use Samsui's fake data generator to fill your objects with real variety and randomity:

use Samsui\Factory;
use Samsui\Generator\Generator;

$factory = new Factory();

// define an object quickly
    ->attr('firstName', Generator::person()->firstName)
    ->attr('lastName', Generator::person()->lastName)
    ->attr('email', function ($i, $o) {
        return Generator::email()->emailAddress(
                'firstName' => $o->firstName,
                'lastName' => $o->lastName,
                'domains' => array(
    ->attr('createdTime', function () {
        return time();


  • Generation of data based on locale (location+language)
  • Implementation of Data Generators for use with attributes
    • Names (different locale)
    • Email addresses
    • Addresses and Postal Codes
    • Age (based on age groups defined)
    • Gender (with Natural Birth Ratio)
    • IP Address v4 and v6
    • URLs
    • Lorem Ipsum text
    • Date/Times (based on range or sequence)
    • Hash functions output (SHA-1, SHA-256 etc.)
    • GPS latitude / longitude, land coordiates
    • Handphone numbers
    • Colors (RGB array, Hexadecimal)
    • Images (Avatar, Sized)
  • Improved JSON reader
  • Generation of Factory definitions to PHP classes directly