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To install add the following dependency to your composer.json

"matthieuy/acl-manager": "dev-master"

and run composer update


This library use 3 class :

  • Acl : The main class to instance
  • Resource : The object to which access is controlled (ex: action)
  • Role : The object that may request access to a Resource (ex: user)

Init ACL Manager

// Create an instance
$acl = \Acl\Acl::getInstance();

Create roles

// Create Role with object
$admin = new \Acl\Role('admin');
            new \Acl\Role('publisher'), 
            new \Acl\Role('validator')

// Or with string (same result)
$acl->addRoles(array('publisher', 'validator'));

// You can use inheritance

Create Resources

// Create Resource
$readNews = new \Acl\Resource('read', 'news');
                    new \Acl\Resource('edit', 'news'),
                    new \Acl\Resource('action', 'module')

// Or with string (the defaut module is "global")
$acl->addResources(array('connect', 'contact', 'profil'));

Define the rights

// Define the right with the Acl object
$acl->allow($admin, $readNews);
$acl->deny($role, $resource);

// Or with the Role object

// Or with the Resource object

Check right

// Now, you can check right
// With the Acl object
$result = $acl->isAllowed($admin, $readNews);
if ($result) {
    echo "Allow";
} else {
    echo "Deny";
// Or
$acl->isAllowed('admin', 'read', 'news');
$acl->isAllowed('roleName', 'resourceName', 'moduleName');

// With the Role object

// With the resource object


You can save/restore role and his rights with toArray() and fromArray() methods. Use json_encode() or json_decode() function to convert to string/array.

#### Save

// Get the role
$roleName = 'admin';
$role = $acl->getRole($roleName);

// Save it
if ($role !== null) {
    // Convert role to string
    $rights = json_encode($role->toArray());

    // Save it in SQL
    $query = $pdo->prepare("UPDATE members
                                SET acl=:acl 
                                WHERE username=:username
                                LIMIT 1;
                        'username' => $roleName,
                        'acl' => $rights


$roleName = 'admin';

// Get role from DB
$query = $pdo->prepare("SELECT acl 
                            FROM members
                            WHERE username=:username
                            LIMIT 1;
$query->execute(array('username' => $roleName));

// $roleString contain JSON string
$roleString = $query->fetchColumn();

// Convert to array
$roleArray = json_decode($roleString);

// Create a role and inject in ACL
$role = \Acl\Role::fromArray($roleArray);

// You can change/overwrite the role's name
$role_model = \Acl\Role::fromArray($roleArray, 'modelAdmin');

Save/Restore resources

// Get all resource in array format
$listResources = $acl->getResources();
// Now you can serialize, convert to json $listResources

// Restore resource


You can see all roles and rights in HTML format with the debug() method

echo $acl->debug();