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A package for testing various badges for PHP projects

dev-master 2016-06-09 08:39 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-29 02:05:25 UTC


By Matthias Noback

A package to test different quality-related badges that are available for packages.

Here they come:

AppVeyor CI

The badge from AppVeyor CI shows the status of the last build of the project.

Windows Build status

Travis CI

The badge from Travis CI shows the status of the last build of the project.

Build Status

Badge Poser

Badges from Badge Poser provide information about the Composer package associated with this repository, e.g. the latest versions (stable and unstable) and download statistics (total, monthly and daily).

Latest Stable Version

Latest Unstable Version

Total Downloads

Monthly Downloads

Daily Downloads

Open Source Badges

Open Source Love Open Source Love Open Source Love

Licence Badges

Open Source Love Open Source Love

TypeScript Badges

TypeScript TypeScript TypeScript TypeScript


Badges from Scrutinizer provide information about the quality of code in this repository. The first badge shows the Quality Score, which is based on the outcome of the static analysis tools that are supported by the continuous integration server. The second badge shows the percentage of code covered by unit tests, which is calculated using PHPUnit.

Scrutinizer Quality Score

Code Coverage


The badge from Coveralls shows the percentage of code in this package that is covered by unit tests.

Coverage Status


The badge from Bitdeli gives an indication of the repository's popularity.

Bitdeli Badge

SensioLabs Insight

The badge from SensioLabs Insight provides another indication of the quality of a project. It checks for a lot of issues and enforces/encourages best practices. The following styles are available:





The badge from VersionEye shows whether or not this package has any out-dated dependencies, based on its composer.json file.

Dependency Status

HHVM Support

This website simply checks your Travis-CI configuration if the tests run with HHVM.