Psalm plugin for Zend Framework 1

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Psalm plugin for Zend Framework 1


Please refer to the full Psalm documentation for a more detailed guide on introducing Psalm into your project.

First, start by installing Psalm if you have not done so already:

composer require --dev vimeo/psalm
./vendor/bin/psalm --init

Next, install this package and enable the plugin

composer require --dev matthewbdaly/psalm-plugin-zendframework1
./vendor/bin/psalm-plugin enable matthewbdaly/psalm-plugin-zendframework1

Finally, run Psalm to analyze your codebase



The stub files for this plugin were generated automatically, and I have noticed that the access levels for properties and methods aren't always accurate, leading to false errors when the implemented access level differs from that defined in the stub. For an example of a fix for this, see

If you see an error along those lines, please try running Psalm with this plugin disabled. If it then no longer flags the issue, it's likely the definition of that method or property in the stub file has a different access level to the one in the code base. If this is the case, please submit a pull request to correct the access level.