Simple Laravel shopping cart

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Simple shopping cart implementation for Laravel. Loosely inspired by CodeIgniter's cart class.


composer require matthewbdaly/laravel-cart


The cart implements the interface Matthewbdaly\LaravelCart\Contracts\Services\Cart, so you can use that to type-hint it. Alternatively you can use the Cart facade.

Add item

To add an item, call $cart->insert($data). In this case $data must be an array with the following fields:

  • qty
  • price
  • name
  • options

OR an array of items, each with the same fields. You can also add any additional data you wish.

Get all items

Call $cart->all() to retrieve the contents.

Get single item

Call $cart->get($rowId) to retrieve an item by its row ID.

Update single item

Call $cart->update($rowId, $data) to update an item with the provided data.

Remove item

Call $cart->remove($rowId) to remove an item.

Get total price

Call $cart->total() to get the total price.

Get total items

Call $cart->totalItems() to get a count of the items. Note that this does not allow for the quantity - if you have item X with a quantity of 2, that will be 1 item in the count.

Destroy cart

Call $cart->destroy() to destroy the cart.