This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Simple GCM push using Guzzle.

1.3 2015-06-24 05:57 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-10-21 15:46:36 UTC


Send GCM Push notification using Guzzle. Make sure you have the GCM Api key and could get Device ID and generate GCM ID.


Works with Laravel 5.0.


Open composer.json and require this line below.

"matriphe/gcm": "dev-master"

Or you can run this command from your project directory.

composer require "matriphe/gcm:dev-master"

Laravel Installation

Open the config/app.php and add this line in providers section.


Still in config/app.php, add this line in alias section.

'Gcm' => 'Matriphe\Gcm\GcmFacade'

Publish Configuration

To control the configuration, you have to publish the configuration file.

php artisan vendor:publish

After running this command, there will be config/gcm.php and resources/views/vendor/gcm/form.blade.php files.

Please fill the appKey section in the config/gcm.php.


Just use the push($device_id, $gcm_id, $subject, $message, $extras = []) function and it will push the message to GCM.

The return of the function is object.


$device_id = '30C89D80C48E96AE';
$gcm_id = 'APA91bGfw8y8DG6CL1BOraVDJyYXUU82rwzbJjnR5PppIcSE7HYgQSvxiSHMJN7zYiCC9CLGNHLiWMxUD22JrlSmvMkaJiUgCsMOvHk0BPeWmvGJu4oHAa1KUm9D5ngdcFNNUwJQ7ttB6VW0F575rhQ2ow56ACM1Yg';
$subject = 'Test Push Subject';
$message = 'This is the message that will be shown in notification.';
$extras = [
    'id' => 21,
    'user' => 'motherfather',
Gcm::push($device_id, $gcm_id, $subject, $message, $extras = [])


stdClass Object
    [multicast_id] => 6100993858981303466
    [success] => 1
    [failure] => 0
    [canonical_ids] => 0
    [results] => Array
            [0] => stdClass Object
                    [message_id] => 0:1434034071184625%9747e1a6f9fd7ecd




It has routes, so you can go to /matriphe/gcmon your URL and try to send the GCM notification.