Choose the favicon for your flarum forum!

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v1.0.0-beta.2 2015-12-17 21:48 UTC

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Last update: 2023-09-30 13:41:38 UTC


flarum-favicon is a Flarum extension to add a favicon set to you forum.

Flarum is a free, open-source forum software built with PHP and Mithril.js.


With flarum-favicon you can add a favicon pack, generated with, to your flarum forum.

It supports:

  • The usual small favicon you see on the top of the browser tab, but also
  • the Android, iOS and Windows Phone bookmarks, as well as
  • Mac and Windows desktop bookmarks.


The only way to get flarum-favicon is with composer: in your flarum folder run

composer require matpompili/flarum-favicon

Then enable it you administration panel. Done!


You need to get a favicon pack with, which is free and highly customizable. After you chose all the icons, compression, interpolation and so on, you will be able to download the favicon pack as a zip file.

Now you will need to extract that zip file to a folder inside you flarum home, e.g myFavicons.

Finally, in the admin panel, open flarum-favicon settings. You will need to put the name of the folder that's inside your flarum home folder. With reference to the previous example, it would be myFavicons.

And that's it!