Common commands for the Fortissimo framework.

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Common commands for the Fortissimo Framework.

This project focuses on collecting common commands that are used within Fortissimo applications. For an overview of all of the commands in this library, read An Overview of Fortissimo Commons.


  1. Include the library in your composer.json file: require: {'masterminds/fortissimo-commons': 'dev-master' }
  2. run composer update to use the library
  3. Use the commands: ->does('\Fortissimo\Commons\Foo')

For more on composer, see GetComposer.

Contribute to This Library!

We're looking for useful commands to add! Go ahead and fork the master branch and add your commands. Then issue a pull request and we'll be in touch!

There are a few basic caveats for what we're looking for.

Critieria for inclusion:

  • Commands should be generalized.
  • Commands should not require external libraries -- only Fortissimo and PHP itself. (Special cases will be considered, though.)
  • Commands should be useful in a wide variety of cases.
  • Commands should NOT require a datasource (including a database schema). But we are fine with file IO.

Examples that we'd like to include:

  • Load a JSON file
  • Perform date transformations
  • Parse an XML file (with or without a schema)
  • Save data to a file
  • Generate a random string

Things we might consider bending the rules for:

  • A Markdown converter
  • A YAML reader

Other Useful Fortissimo Libraries

Got another useful Fortissimo library? Tell us about it and we'll add it to the list.