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A Chain-of-Command framework.

3.0.0-alpha1 2012-11-24 01:51 UTC

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Copyright (c) 2010-12, Matt Butcher

Fortissimo is a PHP framework. It's key features are:

  • Rapid: You can write applications quickly.
  • Scalable: Unlike other frameworks, Fortissimo is designed to scale across servers.
  • Chain-of-command, not MVC: Fortissimo uses a different base design pattern, called Chain-of-Command. CoC is easy, makes the most of reusable components, and scales very well. Take a look at commands.xml to see how this works.
  • Well documented: Every function in the library is documented, and the documentation can easily be extracted and converted to HTML (see below). In addition, your applications are self-documenting, making maintenance easier.
  • NSFW: There are No Stupid Fortissimo Wrappers. In other words, you don't need to learn a new API that simply wraps basic PHP functions. Fortissimo is thin.


The preferred method of installing Fortissimo is through composer.

  "name": "Example",
  "description": "Example app",
  "require": {
    "Masterminds/Fortissimo": "dev-master",

(For a stable version, use 2.x)

You can also clone the Git repository and use it directly.


For using Fortissimo:

  • get Composer to install Fortissimo. You can build it out of Git if you prefer.

For developing Fortissimo:

Getting Started

  • Create a new project
  • Add a composer.json file like the one above
  • Run composer.phar install to fetch and install Fortissimo in your project
  • Start coding.
    • You will want to use the \Fortissimo\Runner\WebRunner for web apps

Check out the Wiki Documentation for more.

More Fortissimo Goodness!


Fortissimo is licensed under the MIT license.

You may build applications on top of Fortissimo without releasing your own code under an Open Source (or Free Software) license. Of course, the Fortissimo team is very grateful for any improvements you contribute back to the framework. But we believe that the best person to choose how you license your software is you.