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marvinlabs/laravel-luhn is a laravel package providing various Laravel utilities to work with the Luhn algorithm such as:

  • a few validation rules
  • dependency injection
  • facade

The Luhn algorithm is used widely to verify that numbers are valid: credit card numbers, SIREN company codes, etc.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require marvinlabs/laravel-luhn

If you are using Laravel 5.5, the service provider and facade will automatically be discovered.

On earlier versions, you need to do that manually. You must install the service provider:

// config/app.php
'providers' => [

And optionally register an alias for the facade.

// config/app.php
'aliases' => [
    'Luhn' => MarvinLabs\Luhn\Facades\Luhn::class,


Algorithm implementation

The package provides an implementation to the algorithm interface defined in \MarvinLabs\Luhn\Contracts\LuhnAlgorithm.

The contract provides 3 public methods to:

  • Check if an input string is valid according to the Luhn algorithm
  • Compute the check digit to append to a string in order to make it valid
  • Compute the checksum according to the Luhn algorithm


A facade is provided to access the Luhn algorithm implementation.


Dependency injection

You can get an implementation of the Luhn algorithm at any time using the Laravel container.

$luhn = app(\MarvinLabs\Luhn\Contracts\LuhnAlgorithm::class); // Using the interface
$luhn = app('luhn'); // This shortcut works too, up to you ;)


The package provides custom rules to validate a string.

$validator = Validator::make($data, [
    'number1' => 'luhn',         // Using shorthand notation
    'number2' => new LuhnRule(), // Using custom rule class

Version history

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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.