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ITAM - IT Asset Manager module for Yii 2.

dev-master 2017-08-14 19:05 UTC

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Last update: 2022-09-19 01:58:54 UTC


ITAM - IT Asset Manager module for Yii2.

To use this module you must install it on an Yii2 application. If you don't have one, checkout this one.


The purpose of this module is to allow IT administrators to manage IT assets. Both hardware and software assets are supported. There is also a monitoring module to help monitor important assets like servers and switches.

The following hardware assets are currently supported:

  • Servers
  • Smartphones
  • Switches
  • Workstations

The following software assets and its licenses are currently supported:

  • OS - Operational Systems
  • Office Suites
  • Other Softwares

Reports are available to help the IT manager control licenses usage.


Web Application

The prefered method to install is using composer.

composer require "marqu3s/yii2-itam-module:dev-master"

You can simply add this to require section your composer.json file:

"marqu3s/yii2-itam-module": "dev-master"

Then add this to your web application main.php config file:

'modules' => [
    'itam' => [
        'class' => 'marqu3s\itam\Module',
        'rbacAuthorization' => true,
        'nmapPath' => '/usr/bin/'   // Set this to the path of the nmap executable on your system.

NOTE: It's a good idea to initialy set rbacAuthorization to false so you can acess the admin setup page and create the authorization stuff. Then enable the rbacAuthorization setting it to true.

Console Application (Monitoring)

To use the monitoring console commands, add this to your console application main.php config file:

'controllerMap' => [
    'itam-monitoring' => [
        'class' => 'marqu3s\itam\console\controllers\MonitoringController',
        'nmapPath' => '/usr/bin/',
        'pushbulletAPIKey' => '',
        'pushbulletChannelTag' => '',
        'pushoverUserKey' => '',
        'pushoverAPIKey' => '',

Notifications about assets going down or up are currently sent thru Pushbullet or Pushover. Everybody are welcome to add other notification providers and enhance this module.

Future Enhancements

  • Dashboard should show only asset types counts that contains at least one asset.
  • Better setup wizard (mainly the creation of tables in DB and some setup instructions)
  • New types of assets
    • Wi-Fi APs
    • IP Cameras
    • Projectors
    • Printers
    • WAN Links