The SpecialRouter module adds the ability to use special characters in URLs.

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Adds the ability to use special characters in URLs.

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Magento does not provide the ability to set special characters on controller or action names. This module fixes that by providing the ability to use -, ., ~, _ within a URL.


composer require markshust/magento2-module-specialrouter
bin/magento module:enable MarkShust_SpecialRouter
bin/magento setup:upgrade


This module is really simple to use. All you need to do is use the appropriate "name" that matches the symbol you'd like to use in the URL.

  • Symbol: -, Name: Dash
  • Symbol: ., Name: Period
  • Symbol: ~, Name: Tilda
  • Symbol: _, Name: Underscore

For example, to respond to a request with a frontName of foo at the following location:


Use a PHP class named:


The - in the URL will be translated to dash in the actionPath and actionName, so if we create files using Dash in the controller and action name, they will respond to these requests.


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