Fixes headers in HTML text

1.0.1 2019-03-08 14:01 UTC


Header fixer


Fixes header semantic hierarchy in HTML text.

$fixedHtmlText = \MakinaCorpus\HeaderFixer\Header::fix($originalHtmlText, 0, true);

And that is pretty much it.

Options are:
  • 0 is the decal, if you, for example, want the text to start with h2 instead of h1, then set 1 here, for h3 set 2, etc...
  • true is the relocate orphans options, if set to true, when a title is the single one at his own level, with no siblings, it will be put at a higher level side by side its parent.


  • implement a generic twig filter
  • implement a drupal 7 module (another repo, including jolitypo)
  • implement a drupal 8 module (another repo, including jolitypo)