µCMS - A Drupal easy-to-use multi-site factory, without core multi-site feature

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2.0.0-alpha2 2017-05-06 12:37 UTC


Drupal-µCMS is a Drupal 7 module that serves the purpose of bringing to Drupal 7 an easy-to-use multi-site factory, without the core multi-site feature.

This module let you :

  • Administrate your multi-site factory :
    • Permissions, Roles & Users (eg: Factory Admin, Webmaster, Contributor)
    • The Workflow for a new site creation
    • Themes available for new site
  • Manage contents of your multi-site factory :
    • Global contents : shared with all sites of your factory
    • Local contents : accessible only for one specific site

This product is not yet fully documented but you kind find some information on :