Javascript file upload widget for Drupal

2.0.15 2019-06-14 09:35 UTC


Adds a managed file widget that uploads files per chunks using pure JavaScript.

Version 1.x carries its own JavaScript widget, which due to a recent regression does not work with Internet Explorer 11 anymore. It will be as of now, unmaintained.

Version 2.x brings a shared widget fully rewritten using TypeScript, targetting es5, transpiled and polyfilled using Babel, which works gracefully with IE11.

Version 2.x drops the untested gracefull downgrade feature, which makes it unusable with Internet Explorer <11 and with browsers which don't support the FileReader API.

JavaScript source code

JavaScript source code is written using TypeScript, you can find it there:

Side by side with Gulpifier

If you use the gulpifier module, you should add these 2 lignes into your themes .info files:

settings[gulpifier_whitelist][css][] = filechunk:filechunk.css
settings[gulpifier_whitelist][js][] = filechunk:filechunk.js