Advanced dashboard/list API for Drupal using makinacorpus/drupal-calista

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1.0.0-alpha4 2017-11-21 16:40 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-18 01:29:35 UTC


This initial version is a raw export of the ucms_dashboard from the Drupal module suite. Only namespaces have been changed, and a few utility functions moved from the ucms_contrib module.

It should be stable enough to use.

This is licensed under the GPL-2 licence. This package includes third-party libraries, licences provided in the Resources/meta directory.


It depends heavily on makinacorpus/drupal-sf-dic, the easiest way to install is:

composer install makinacorpus/drupal-calista


Runtime configuration

Enable top toolbar

$conf['calista_context_pane_enable'] = true;

Enable context pane

$conf['calista_context_pane_enable'] = true;

Enable admin pages breadcrumb alteration

This is a very specific setting for usage with UCMS.

$conf['calista_breadcrumb_alter'] = true;

Display configuration

Disable custom CSS

If you wish to embed this module's CSS or custom LESS into your own custom theme, you might wish to disable CSS loading:

$conf['calista_disable_css'] = true;

Drupal seven theme fixes

By setting this to true, seven fixes will always be included:

$conf['calista_seven_force'] = true;

By setting it to false, the will be always dropped.

By removing the variable or setting it to null seven admin theme will be automatically detected at runtime and fixes will be loaded if necessary.


For extensive documentation, please refer to the Calista API documentation