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Example demonstrating mainlycode/zf1wrapperbundle

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This package will demonstrate how to use the mainlycode/zf1wrapperbundle to proxy a Zend Framework 1 application through Symfony 2.


#Create a Zend Framework 1 project using Zend_Tool

sh vendor/zendframework/zendframework1/bin/ create project zf1

#Create a copy of the Symfony Standard Edition

cp -R vendor/symfony/framework-standard-edition/app ./
cp vendor/symfony/framework-standard-edition/web/app*.php web/
cp vendor/symfony/framework-standard-edition/web/.htaccess web/

#Configure Zf1WrapperBundle

cp -f sf2/AppKernel.php app/AppKernel.php
cp sf2/config/parameters.yml app/config/parameters.yml
cp -f sf2/config/routing.yml app/config/routing.yml

#Generate app/bootstrap.php.cache

php vendor/sensio/distribution-bundle/Sensio/Bundle/DistributionBundle/Resources/bin/build_bootstrap.php app app true

#Run the webserver

app/console server:run --env=dev -vvv

##Demo Point your browser to http://localhost:8000/ and you will see the Zend Framework frontpage. Why? Because we haven't configured routes in our Symfony 2 app yet. Therefore the Zf1Wrapper bundle will pass the request on to our Zend Framework app instead of returning a 404 response code.