A Shopware 6 plugin for "abandoned" carts.

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2.0.0 2023-12-20 13:20 UTC

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MailCampaigns - "Abandoned" cart plugin

This Shopware 6 plugin allows you to automatically mark carts as "abandoned" after a configured number of seconds. Currently, the "abandoned" carts are only available through the custom /abandoned-cart API endpoints.

Getting started


This plugin is currently only available as a Composer package and can be installed with the following command:

composer require mailcampaigns/shopware-6-abandoned-cart-plugin

After that, run this command so Shopware knows about its existence:

bin/console plugin:refresh

Activate plugin

After installation, this plugin still needs to be activated. This can be done via the Admin panel (Extensions > My extensions) or by running the following command:

bin/console plugin:install --activate MailCampaignsAbandonedCart

Shopware recommends clearing the cache after running the above command:

bin/console cache:clear


To determine when a cart can be considered "abandoned" you can configure this after activating the plugin. The value you enter is the number of seconds (default 3600, which is one hour) after a cart is created or updated.

Make sure the settings for the carts make sense in combination with the setting in our plugin. In other words, the setting for carts 'Time in minutes for a customer to finalize a transaction' should be longer than the setting in our plugin.

Note: Abandoned carts are generated using scheduled tasks and therefore depend on the message queue.