Laravel helper to make almost everything for your project

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Laravel Auto

Laravel helper package to make automated lists with filters, sorting and paging like no other.


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You are free to create your own layout and style, there's no layout html/css included !

This package only grants a very automated query in Eloquent with Blade directives.

You can use it either without Blade directives, like Vue.js and React, but you need to implement manually the calls to backend and layout rendering.

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$categories = Topic::from("topics as t")
            ->leftJoin("portals as p", "","=","t.portal_id")

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if (Request::has("filter")) {
    if (isset(Request::get("filter")['keyword'])) {
        $keyword = Request::get("filter")['keyword'];
        Auto::setField("notifications.title", $keyword);
        Auto::setField("notifications.description", $keyword);
$notifications = Notification::select("notifications.*", "notification_users.readed_at")
            ->leftJoin("notifications_users", "", "=", "notifications_users.notification_id")
            ->leftJoin("notifications_roles", "", "=", "notifications_roles.notification_id")
            ->leftJoin("notifications_departments", "", "=", "notifications_departments.notification_id")
            ->autoWhere(['or' => ["notifications.title", "notifications.description"]])
            ->autoSort(["notifications.updated_at", "desc"])->autoPaginate();

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$enterprises = Enterprises::from("enterprises as e"))
            ->leftJoin("enterprise_indicators_enterprises as iei","eie.enterprise_id","=","")

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