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This extension is the updated Single Sign On for Flarum extension.

Flarum SSO

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This extension enables Single Sign On (shortly SSO) for Flarum. The workflow is based on this post. The extension is useful if you run Flarum on a subdomain but you want to use the login mechanism of your main website or SSO system.

Available plugins for the extension

This extension works with plugins that links Flarum to your SSO system. Current plugins are listed in the official docs.


Install via command below or via Bazaar and activate the extension.

composer require maicol07/flarum-ext-sso

More detailed instructions are written here.


Upgrade via command below or via Bazaar.

composer update maicol07/flarum-ext-sso

More detailed instructions are written here.

How to use

Check instructions on the official docs

Docs and PRO version (WP only)

Here's the link to our official docs, where you can find details of a PRO version available only for WordPress.