Get ExcelHeader in Json Format By file path and Row number For First Sheet of file

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For getting ExcelHeader# mahavirvataliya/excelheader Welcome to the excelheader wiki! If U want to Use This Package in your Project Then Use

composer require mahavirvataliya/excelheader

There are Two methods


It will return json object of header of first sheet given as file path and if you give row no of header then it will return that row


get all headers means get header from all sheet given by row number as same to all mean return that row as json object

I Have Used as read excel files please go for it if you want to develop go for it.

Add at Import Section

use mahavirvataliya\ExcelHeader\ExcelHeader;

use it where you want to

For Example For Uploading Excel file And getting headers or any row we use like this where xls is name parameter in file upload

public function upload(Request $request)
    if($request->hasFile('xls')) {

        $file = $request->file('xls') ;

        $fileName = $file->getClientOriginalName() ;
        $destinationPath = public_path() ;

        $rownno = $request->rowno==null?1:$request->rowno;
        $rows =  ExcelHeader::getExcelHeader(public_path().'/'.$fileName,$rownno);
        return view('excelfile',compact('rows'));
        return view('excelfile',compact('rows'));