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M2 Google Maps extension by Mageplaza allows stores to set the location on the web page. The Contact Us page with information about real location will make your site become more professional and reliable in the customer’s mind.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This version of Mageplaza Google Maps extension on Github is free as a contribution to the Magento community from Mageplaza. This package does not include the technical support. Should you need technical support for this extension, you will have to buy a license from Mageplaza. Click here to buy.

1. Documentation

2. FAQs

Q: I got error: Mageplaza_Core has been already defined

A: Read solution here.

Q: Where the map can be displayed on my page?

A: Google Maps can be set at the top or bottom of Contact Page, by navigating to Store > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > Google Maps > General > Position and select the appropriate position.

Q: Can I customize how the map can be seen on the website?

A: Absolutely yes, there are 4 map types and 10 map styles for you to choose.

Q: Can the customer drag and zoom in/out the map?

A: The customer can easily drag to see the surrounding area of the store. However, it is unable to zoom the map, this feature is available in Mageplaza Store Locator.

Q: How my store will look like on the map?

A: There is a customizable Marker showing the exact position of your store. You can freely choose the Marker icon to be displayed.

Q: Will the map be available on mobile devices?

A: Yes, the extension works well on the mobile version.

3. How to install Magento 2 Google Maps extension

Install via composer (recommend)

Run the following command in Magento 2 root folder:

With Marketing Automation (recommend):

composer require mageplaza/module-google-maps mageplaza/module-smtp
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Without Marketing Automation:

composer require mageplaza/module-google-maps
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

4. Google Maps Highlight Features

Add Google Maps to Contact Page

No more boring text to show the store location, store owners now can get the Contact Page with a more eye-catching view by Google Maps, with a marker showing exactly the store location. Magento 2 Google Maps extension by Mageplaza enable the store owner to set the position of the map at the top or bottom of the Contact Page.

Magento 2 Add Google Maps to Contact Page

Adjustable map’s display

Google Maps plugin let the website admin be possible to change how it appears on frontend flexibly. The marker showing the exact location can be configured freely. Furthermore, there are 4 options for map type which are:

  • Terrain
  • Roadmap
  • Satellite
  • Hybrid

And 10 available map styles:

  • Default
  • Blue Essence
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Grey
  • Desert
  • Light Blue Water
  • Light Dream
  • Light Grey
  • Mid Night
  • Nature Color

magento 2 Google Maps plugin

Optional maps embedding

Mageplaza Google Maps module offers 2 options to add a map on the website. The first option is using Google API key, which gets the allowance to be displayed map from Google. The second one is directly embedding Google iFrame code, which is more simple.

Magento 2 Optional maps embedding

Automatically get GPS coordinates

By using Google API key, once the address information is provided, GPS coordinates can be automatically defined according to the latitude and longitude. These coordinates can be adjusted by the admin, to get the exact location for the marker.

Magento 2 Automatically get GPS coordinates

5. More features

Map dragging

It is able to drag the map and see the surrounding area of the store location.

Mobile friendliness

Magento 2 Google Maps can work well with both mobile and desktop devices.

Extension compatibility

Google Maps extension is responsive with Mageplaza Store Locator Extension. It is also compatible with almost third-party modules.

6. Full Magento 2 Google Maps features

For store owners

  • Easily enable/ disable the Google Maps
  • Select the map’s position on Contact Page
  • 2 options to validate Google Map: Google API key/ Embedded code
  • 4 options for map type
  • 10 options for map style
  • Enable/Disable map dragging
  • Set default enlargement for map
  • Adjustable Marker icon
  • Automatically get GPS coordinates after inserting store address

For shoppers

  • View store location more visually
  • Visually view the location of the store
  • Be able to drag the map and view the surrounding location
  • Feel more reliable about the contact information

7. User Guide

Magento 2 default Contact Us Page is too simple, it only allows displaying text. With the new extension Google Maps by Mageplaza, it is possible to easily get Google Maps displayed on the Contact Us Page. This also helps your store improve customer trust when they know your exact location.

7.1. Configuration

Login to Magento Admin, navigate to Store > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > Google Maps.

Magento 2 Google Maps configuration

7.1.1. General

Magento 2 configure Google Maps

  • Enable: Select Yes to activate Google Maps
  • Insert on Contact Page: Select Yes to add Google Maps into the Contact Page and display Position field
  • Position: Top and Bottom are 2 positions that are able to display the map on Contact Page

7.1.2 Map Settings

There are 2 map setting modes as follows:

1. Protocol = API

magento 2 embed google maps

  • Google API key: Insert Google API key. Get Google API key Here.
  • Map Type: There are 4 map displaying options: Roadmap, Terrain, Satellite, and Hybrid.
  • Map Style: Displayed map style on the frontend. There are 10 main popular map styles:

Magento 2 Google Maps extension

  • Allow Map Dragging: Select Yes to enable drag and drop on the map
  • Zoom Default: The default map enlargement
  • Marker Icon: The icon which marks the exact position on the map. The optima icon size is 20 x 20px.

Location Settings: Map Settings > Location Settings

Magento 2 Google Maps free

  • Address : Insert the address which need to be displayed on the map. Hit the button Get GPS coordinates to load Latitude and Longitude.
  • Latitude: Enter the latitude of the location
  • Longitude: Enter the longitude of the location

2. Protocol = Embed Code

With this method, it is possible to add the map on frontend interface by embedding Google iFrame code, without any of following map settings.

Magento 2 Google Maps module

  • Code: Embed Google iFrame code.

7.2. Maps Widget

By adding widget, you can add the map wherever on the store. Widget can be created by the following steps:

Step 1: Login to Magento 2 Admin, move to Content > Elements > Widgets

Step 2: Click the Add Widget button to start widget setting

Magento 2 Google Maps widget

  • Select Mageplaza Google Maps for Type field, Magento Luma for Design Theme. Then click Continue

Step 3: Fill up required information in Storefront Properties

Magento 2 Google Maps extension free

Step 4: Choose the position to display the widget

From Layout Updates > Click to Add Layout Updates button

Step 5: Save > System. Navigate to Cache Management, hit the Flush Magento Cache button.

7.3. Frontend

Using API

Magento 2 Google Maps module free

Magento 2 Google Maps plugin free

Using Embed Code

embed google maps to magento 2

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