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Magento 2 Better Popup

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(Update) 2023-02-20: This project will be marked as a paid item and no longer be maintained as free. For further updates and technical support, please follow Magento 2 Better Popup for more information. We understand that this change might create inconvenience for our users. However, this is to ensure that the module will be updated with more useful features to support Magento 2 stores better. If you have any concerns or ideas about any features you would like to see, don’t hesitate to contact us and leave a request.

Mageplaza Magento 2 Better Popup extension (Exit Intent / Newsletter Popup) cuts down the number of abandoning visitors of a store, and to help convert them to actual customers or subscribers.

Exit-intent technology plays the fundamental role in building better pop-ups, visitors who are about to leave your websites will be kept staying for a little longer by a subscription invitation or a discount offer.

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1. Popup Documentation

2. Better Popup FAQs

Q: I got error: Mageplaza_Core has been already defined

A: Read solution here

Q: On which pages of my website can Better Popup be displayed?

A: On any pages you want. Basically, there is no restriction for where a popup is shown. Admins can select particular pages to display popups or include/exclude page URLs to define the where a popup can be shown.

Q: How does a pop-up look?

A: It can be a center window or can be a full-screen pop-up

Q: When a pop-up is shown, what a visitor can do with it?

A: A visitor can exit the popup then keep surfing the page, or leave an email address on the box. He/she can also quit the page without exiting the pop-up.

Q: How do I keep track of the number of new subscribers?

A: A weekly report on the number of new subscribers with their email addresses is sent every Saturday. In the report, eight of the most recent subscribers’ emails will be featured.

Q: Is it possible to see the figures of my subscribers on the admin dashboard?

A: To see a full report on dashboard, you can integrate the free Reports extension by Mageplaza.

Q: Are the popup templates customizable?

A: Yes. You can design a pop-up from backend. HTML is supported here. If you want, pre-made templates can also be used or redesigned

Q: I’m afraid that showing popups continuously will make our visitors annoyed.

A: You can set the time to re-display a popup

3. How to install Better Popup extension for Magento 2

✓ Install via composer (recommend)

Run the following command in Magento 2 root folder:

With Marketing Automation (recommend):

composer require mageplaza/module-better-popup mageplaza/module-smtp
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Without Marketing Automation:

composer require mageplaza/module-better-popup
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

4. Better Popup Highlight Features

A Leads Booster

New leads are craved by online business. Among multiple ways to expand your email list, collecting leads from subscription seems to be effective and money-saving. Better Popup extension is a good tool which can assist you to do this. Visitors who enter your online store are already interested in your service; however, they want more motivation to stay, or at least, to follow the page. A timely popup with an subscription invitation or a special offer will help you add one more email address into your list. All of this process will happen automatically.

Exit-intent Popup

Exit-intent technology helps a pop-up show up as soon as a visitor attempts to abandon a page. The module is able to recognize one’s intention of quitting and, right away, allows the system to pop a window.

Free customization

Admins can create a new template, use or customize Mageplaza’s premade pop-up designs:

  • Admins can create brand new content by using HTML
  • Admins can choose to display a popup as a full-screen or a center window
  • Admins can select the background color and text color of all popups

Ready-to-use Popup Templates

There are 3 pre-made pop-up templates with 2 main display styles which are ready to use. Admins are free to change these templates or use them after installing Magento 2 Popup extension.

5. More Features

Display triggers

There are four display triggers of a pop-up:

  • A popup can be shown when an intention of exit is detected.
  • A popup can be displayed right after the page is loaded
  • A popup can be shown after X% of the page is scrolled
  • A popup can be displayed after X seconds

Congratulation Popups

After a window is popped up, if the visitor subscribes your email list, a congratulation pop-up can be shown. Admins can configure to show:

  • A message with a copyable coupon code
  • A message with fireworks
  • A message with a copyable coupon code and fireworks

Re-display Popups

Visitors are not fond of spamming pop-ups, admins can configure to:

  • Re-show pop-ups after X days
  • Re-show pop-ups after 30 days as default

Report emails

On every Saturday, a report on how many new subscribers that you’ve got within a week is sent to you. The report will also feature eight of the most recent subscribers’ email addresses.

Report compatibility

If your store also install Mageplaza Reports extension free module, a widget will be inserted into the admin dashboard which show a full report on your subscribers.

SMTP compatibility

The new-subscriber report emails function is compatible with Magento 2 SMTP by Mageplaza. This helps guarantee of spam-free emails.

6. Full Magento 2 Popup features

Better Popup for store admins

  • Turn on/turn off module from the backend
  • Content of the pop-ups are easily customizable
  • Display a pop-up window in full screen or center
  • Pop-up’s width and height are easy to adjust
  • Easy to change the background color and text color of the popup
  • Enable/disable congratulation popups
  • Easy to customize congratulation pop-ups’ content
  • Allow admins to show a coupon code in congratulation pop-up
  • Display pop-ups in multiple pages by inserting a snippet
  • Show pop-ups on specific pages
  • Exclude pages to show pop-ups
  • Display popups after a page is loaded
  • Display popups after one scrolls X% of the page
  • Display popups after X seconds one stays on the site
  • Display popups as one attempts to quit the site
  • Re-display popups after X days
  • Display a floating button on defined positions
  • Display the Terms and Conditions checkbox (GDPR compliance)
  • Admins get a weekly report on new subscribers
  • Features the 8 most recent subscribed email addresses on weekly report

Better Popup for shoppers

  • Click exit the site without quitting the popup
  • Click on the floating button to see the popup
  • Get discount coupons after subscribing
  • Actively check the Terms and Conditions box to subscribe (GDPR compliance)

7. How to configure Magento 2 Popup extension

To start the configuration, from the Admin Panel, make your way to Store > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > Better Popup

How to configure Magento 2 Popup extension

Better Popup Configuration

General Configuration

At the Enable box: select Yes to activate the module, select No to deactivate.

general configuration

What to show Popup

what to show Popup



  • This is the section for admins to select the pop-up template which is displayed on the frontend
  • At the Template box: select a template to use
  • Click on Load HTML to load the template, the HTML code of the template will be displayed in the Content box below
  • Use the Content box to customize the template.


  • Enter the content which you want to display in a pop-up
  • Leave this field blank to use the default content
  • Admins are free to design the popup by using HTML

Responsive design

responsive design

  • At the Responsive design box:

    • Select Center Popup to display the pop-up in the center of the screen with a moderate size.
    • Select FullScreen Popup to display the pop-up full screen. The popup’s content will be shown in the center of the screen
  • At the Background Color box: This allows admins to choose the color for the popup’s background.

  • At the Text Color box: This allows admins to choose the popup’s text color.

Popup Success

popup success

  • Coupon code: Enter a coupon code. This coupon code will be displayed after a successful subscription. The code can be redeemed when the subscriber purchase on your store.
  • Content: When a popup template is selected and loaded above, the relative HTML code for congratulation popup will be displayed in this Content section. This content for congratulation popup is the same as the selected template. Admins can design the popup display by using HTML
  • Show congratulation fireworks: Select Yes if you want to show fireworks when a visitor successfully subscribe. Notice: Fireworks will only be displayed if you set Responsive Design = Center Popup

Where to show Popup

where to show

Which page to show

where to show

  • Which page to show = All Pages: Select All Pages to display popups on all pages
  • Which page to show = Manually Insert: Select Manually Insert to display popups on only pages with a specific snippet

which page to show

  • Insert manually this snippet to your page: Display the code so that admins can copy and insert into the pages they wish to display the popup
    • Insert manually this snippet to your page

      • CMS Page/Static Block: Copy the code and insert it into the pages at the Content > Page
      • Template .phtml file: Copy the code and insert it into .phtml file of Magento or the other extensions that you want to display the popup
      • Layout file: Copy the code and insert it into the .xml file of Magento or the other extensions you want to display the popup
    • Which page to show = Specific Page: Display the popup on some selected pages

which page to show

  • Include Pages: Enter one or some pages to display the popup. If there are more than one popup, separate them by commas
    • Include Page with URL contains: The popup will be displayed on the page which contain the URL which is entered. Separate several URLs by downlines
    • Exclude Pages: Enter one or some pages which you don’t want to show the popup. Separate pages with commas
    • Exclude page with URL contains: The popup will not allowed to show up on pages which contain URL paths entered. Separate URLs with downlines.

Note: The priority of Exclude section is greater than the Include section.

When to show Popup

when to show

When the popup appears?

when the popup appears

  • Select Exit Intent to display popups when one moves the mouse out of the current page

  • Select After page load to display popups after the page is loaded

    • Select After X seconds to display popups after X seconds one visits the page

    after x seconds

  • After X seconds: Enter the number of seconds that a popup is displayed after a visit. After this amount of time since one stays on a page, the popup will appear.

  • Select After Scroll down X% to display popups after one scrolls X% of a page.

after scroll down

  • After scroll down: Enter the percentage of page which is scrolled before the popup shows up. The popup will appear after one scrolls down X% of the page

  • The popup will show again later

    • Enter the number of days for a popup to be re-displayed
    • Enter 0 to re-display popups everytime the mouse is hovered outwards the page, or after X seconds on page, or after X% of the page is scrolled down.
    • The popup will be re-displayed after 30 days by default if you leave this field blank.
    • The popup can be re-displayed based on the cookie of the browser.
  • Show Floating button: Select Yes to display the floating button.

show float button

  • Select Left to display the floating button on the left corner of the screen. Select Right to display it on the right corner of the screen.

Send Email

send email

  • Enable Send Email: Select Yes to enable the send email functionality.
  • Send Email To:
    • Enter the email address which you want to send the notification to
    • The email will report the number of new subscribers in a week and include the 8 most recent email addresses of subscribers
    • The email is sent every Saturday
    • Click on Send Now to send the email immediately
    • Report Emails are sent to multiple stores separately. If you have 2 stores, there will be 2 emails sent to these stores individually.

Better Popup

Magento 2 better popup

Email Reports

Better Popup email reports

Email's content

the content of the email

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