Fork of Pallet theme for your forum. Original by Hasan Özbey.

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Pallet Theme for Flarum

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Welcome to the Pallet Theme!

Originally created by the-turk, this theme offers a beautiful and dynamic user interface for your Flarum forum. With the original author unable to maintain it, I have taken over the development to ensure it remains compatible with the latest Flarum updates.

-- Adrian

How to remove the original theme

If you have the original Pallet Theme installed, you'll need to remove it first. Just run this command:

composer remove the-turk/flarum-pallet-theme


To install the Pallet Theme, use Composer:

composer require madeyedeer/flarum-pallet-theme


To update the Pallet Theme, use Composer:

composer update madeyedeer/flarum-pallet-theme
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear

Note: Some releases may require a version to be specified when updating, so check the release notes on the Flarum forum for specific instructions.

About Maintenance

The Pallet Theme will continue to be maintained to ensure compatibility with Flarum. Please report any issues, especially those related to compatibility with other extensions, on the GitHub issues page.