CLI interface for the best htaccess tester in the world.

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A CLI tool to test how .htaccess files behave.


To start performing analysis on your code, require htaccess CLI in Composer:

composer require --dev madewithlove/htaccess-cli

Composer will install htaccess-cli's executable in its bin-dir, which defaults to vendor/bin.

Global installation

composer global require madewithlove/htaccess-cli

Then make sure you have the global Composer binaries directory in your PATH. This directory is platform-dependent, see Composer documentation <>_ for details. This allows you to use the tool as htaccess from every location in your system.


Run the .htaccess CLI tester from a directory containing a .htaccess file.

# using global installation
htaccess http://localhost/foo

# using project-specific installation
vendor/bin/htaccess http://localhost/foo

Where the url is the request url you want to test your .htaccess file with.

Output of the htaccess tester

Usage through Docker

# install the container
docker pull madewithlove/htaccess-cli

# run the htaccess tester in the current folder
docker run --rm -v $PWD:/app madewithlove/htaccess-cli [url] <options>

Usage as a GitHub Action

Check if you want to verify how .htaccess files behave in a GitHub Action.

CLI Options

The following options are available:

-r, --referrer[=REFERRER]           The referrer header, used as HTTP_REFERER in apache
--http-user-agent[=HTTP_USER_AGENT] The User Agent header, used as HTTP_USER_AGENT in apache
-s, --server-name[=SERVER-NAME]     The configured server name, used as SERVER_NAME in apache
-e, --expected-url[=EXPECTED-URL]   When configured, errors when the output url does not equal this url
    --share                         When passed, you'll receive a share url for your test run
-l, --url-list[=URL-LIST]           Location of the yaml file containing your url list
-p, --path[=WORKING_DIR]            Path to the location of the .htaccess file you wish to test
-h, --help                          Display a help message

Usages with multiple url's

To test one htaccess file with multiple url's, you can use a yaml file that contains them.

- http://localhost/foo
- http://localhost/bar

If you want to pass an expected url for every url you're testing, you can use this yaml structure, where each url maps to an expected url.

http://localhost/foo: http://localhost/test
http://localhost/bar: http://localhost/test

You can then run the command using

htaccess --url-list ./url-list.yaml

Testing against a working directory

If you want to test for a .htaccess file outside of the current working directory, you can use the -p ./path_to_directory option in the command. For example,

htaccess -p ./html http://localhost/


The tool simulates only one pass through the server, while Apache will do multiple if you get back on the same domain. This is a feature we might still add in the future, but it's a limitation for now.