Interfaces and basic implementations for file exports from a web application

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What it does in one code sample:

// A list of users to export.
$users = [
        'username' => 'John Doe',
        'email' => '',
        'username' => 'Jane Doe',
        'email' => '',

// Create a new CSV exporter object.
$exporter = new Madewithlove\Export\Csv\Exporter();

// Create a new custom Transformer object (an anonymous class, only in PHP 7)
$transformer = new class implements Madewithlove\Export\Csv\Transformer, Madewithlove\Export\Csv\WithHeaders {
    public function getHeaders()
        return ['username', 'email'];

    public function transform(array $user)
        return [


// New controller being (an anonymous class, only in PHP 7)
$controller = new class {
    use Madewithlove\Export\Http\Psr7Response;

     * @param Madewithlove\Export\Exporter $exporter
    public function index(Exporter $exporter)
         return $this->fileDownload($exporter->getContent(), 'users.csv');

$psrResponse = $controller->index($exporter);

CSV exporter

The included CSV exporter (Madewithlove\Export\Csv\Exporter) will create the file contents for a CSV export file. For that it uses the Writer class of the league/csv package, but that's just an implementation detail. It adheres to the Madewithlove\Export\Exporter interface (feel free to make an XML or any other exporter implementation) and returns the file content when you call the getContent() method on it. You can define which items it should export by passing an array or an Iterator (like a Generator) to the setItems($items) method. You can also optionally set a Transformer to apply a transformation on each row of the given items. This Transformer is used by the League\Csv\Writer class, and may implement the Madewithlove\Export\Csv\WithHeaders contract to let the writer know which headers the CSV file should have.


A Transformer object has a method transform(array $row) : array which allows you to do transformations on each row. The interface Madewithlove\Export\Csv\WithHeaders defines a getHeaders() : array method that returns the headers to be used in the CSV file.

This package also includes some transformer implementations for general usage:

Callable transformer

This allows you to use any callable (function) without having to create a class that implements the Transformer interface. Create one by using the factory method, or use the setter method:

use Madewithlove\Export\Csv\Transformers\CallableTransformer;

$transformer = (new CallableTransformer())->setTransformer(function (array $row) {...});

$transformer = CallableTransformer::fromCallable(function (array $row) {...});

Null transformer, just headers

When you don't really need to do a transformation on the row, but you do want to insert headers in the CSV file, use the JustHeaders transformer class:

use Madewithlove\Export\Csv\Transformers\JustHeaders;

$transformer = (new JustHeaders())->setHeaders(['username', 'email']);

$transformer = JustHeaders::fromHeaders(['username', 'email']);

Headers decorator

When you have an existing Transformers object but you want it to add headers to the CSV file too, you don't need to extend it. Just wrap it with the WithHeadersDecorator like this:

use Madewithlove\Export\Csv\Transformers\JustHeaders;

$transformer = new WithHeadersDecorator($reusedTransformer, $headers);

$transformer = (new WithHeadersDecorator($reusedTransformer))->setHeaders($headers);

HTTP Response objects

Both Symfony and PSR-7 reponse objects are supported. Use the trait Madewithlove\Export\Http\SymfonyResponse or Madewithlove\Export\Http\Psr7Response in your controller to make a file download response object with the fileDownload($content, $filename) method. This requires you to install the symfony/http-foundation package or zendframework/zend-diactoros package respectively.


In order to install it via composer you should run this command:

composer require madewithlove/export


$ vendor/bin/phpunit


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.