SPARQL object-relational mapping

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A SPARQL ORM built on EasyRDF.

Sparqler is a PHP "Object Relational Mapping" to query SPARQL endpoints with an object-oriented interface. It is built on top of EasyRDF, the most popular RDF PHP library around, and uses (mostly) the same classes.


composer require madbob/sparqler


First of all, you need to init the client.

use MadBob\Sparqler\Client;

$config = [
    'host' => 'http://localhost:8890/sparql-auth',
    'graph' => 'urn:sparql:tests:insert:informative',

$client = new Client($config);

The $config array must/can have the following keys:

  • host: SPARQL endpoint you want to query
  • graph: if defined, all queries are executed on the named graph
  • auth: an optional associative array to access authenticated SPARQL endpoints
  • namespaces: associative array of RDF namespaces you want to use, in the form ['prefix' => 'uri']. If omitted, the default namespaces defined by EasyRDF are kept