The missing link between EasyRDF and Guzzle

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The missing link between EasyRDF and Guzzle!

With this connector you can use Guzzle for your EasyRDF's SPARQL client, and have greater and easier control over your HTTP connections.

Install it with composer:

composer require madbob/easyrdf-on-guzzle

And wire your new HttpClient with EasyRDF:

use MadBob\EasyRDFonGuzzle\HttpClient;

$httpclient = new HttpClient();

setHeaders() and setParameterGet() functions are the same of native EasyRdf\Http\Client class, and using the new setOptions() function you can fine tune the client with the many options provided by Guzzle.

Pay attention: the internal Guzzle client is configured with defaults, and not all functions are enabled with this setup. For example, to actually use the auth parameter you have to enforce the cURL handler as follows:

use MadBob\EasyRDFonGuzzle\HttpClient;
use GuzzleHttp\HandlerStack;
use GuzzleHttp\Handler\CurlHandler;

$httpclient = new HttpClient();

$handler = new CurlHandler();
$stack = HandlerStack::create($handler);
$httpclient->setOptions('handler', $stack);

$httpclient->setOptions('auth', [$username, $password, 'digest']);