Dummy Laravel queue driver to run jobs as detached HTTP requests.

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This is a dummy driver for Laravel's queue subsystem.

When you schedule a job through this queue, an HTTP request is sent to the application itself (on a dedicated route) and it will not wait for a response, so to let the job to be executed as a different detached state while you continue elaboration or even return a response to the user.

Useful to have actual asyncronous jobs without having to deal with worker processes, dedicated services, complex environments or whatever, but absolutely not reccomended for intensive scale.


composer require madbob/laravel-queue-loopback

In your .env file, set:


In your config/queue.php, add the following block among available connections:

'loopback' => [
    'driver' => 'loopback',

        The key is intended to protect the route used for internal execution, as
        it is still a public route and it is unprotected by the `auth`
        middleware or other native authentication methods.
    'key' => 'put_here_a_random_key',

For advanced configuration you can execute php artisan vendor:publish --tag=config to obtain a new file in config/loopback-queue.php, where you can specify:

  • the middleware group to be used for the internal routing. By default it is an empty array (no middleware group); if you intend to specify one or more groups it is raccomended to define a new one not including the native VerifyCsrfToken middleware, as internal POSTs used to trigger the jobs would fail due the missing CSRF token


It works exactly as any other queue in Laravel: create your own Jobs and dispatch them as usual.

But, not as usual, you have not to execute any php artisan queue:work command or similar.

The loopback driver does not handles different queues nor priorities.