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UUID's on Laravel models

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Laravel UUID, a UUID helper Library

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This package can be used in Laravel 10.0 or higher with PHP 8.0 and higher. There are older versions which go back to PHP7.4 and Laravel 6.

You can install the package via composer:

composer require macsidigital/laravel-uuid


This is quite a simple package, which can be used to override the primary key to uuid, or to add an additional uuid field, our preferred option to keep an incrementing index.

Add a uuid field

	// primary key implementation
    // or implementation for additional field



Add the trait to get automatic UUID generation

namespace App\Models;
use Uuid\Traits\GeneratesUuid;

class FakeModel extends Model

use GeneratesUuid;


That's it! unless we use a different column name for the uuid field, then we add the following method.

	 public function uuidColumn(): string
        return 'id';


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