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A little package for the EU cookie consent law

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A little package to handle cookie consent. All EU sites or sites targeted at EU citizens must comply with the european law, requesting consent to add cookies to the users comupter.

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This package can be used in Laravel 6.0 or higher.

You can install the package via composer:

composer require macsidigital/laravel-cookie-consent

We then need to install the assets:

php artisan cookieconsent:install

This will publish a config file, the views and language files

AJAX Requests and Styling

Out of the box we use axios to make the AJAX request, this can be changed by editing the blade template.

We also use Tailwind CSS for styling, again this can be changed by editing the template.

If you want to use the defaults, then you will need to import the required dependencies.


To use we just need to add a blade include just before the end body tag


To amend the design just go into the resources views folder and amend 'widget.blade.php'. Note we have used inline styles so that we are not reliant on any design framework. But we would recommend changing this to use something like tailwind.

Finally the more info will try to direct to a route '/cookie-policy', you will need to create this route yourself in your routes file, as well as the template file that lists your cookie policy.


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