a little helper to upload images to ebays EPS (eBay Picture Services)

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$images[] = file_get_contents('/tmp/img1.png');
$images[] = file_get_contents('/tmp/img2.png');
//$images[] = 'this should not work'; <-- test this so see how things fail

$EbayUploadImages = new upload_images([
										  'app-name'   => 'xxxxxxxx',
										  'cert-name'  => 'xxxxxxxx',
										  'dev-name'   => 'xxxxxxxx',
										  'siteid'     => 77,
										  'auth-token' => 'xxxxxxxx'
$responses        = $EbayUploadImages->upload($images);

#f03c15 notice: siteid needs to be numbers, if you use letters you might get very strange SSL errors!

what you (should) get

state should cover the result of all uploads, if one failed, it will show you FALSE with an array key error.

some more config keys you can use:

  • concurrency (number of parallel uploads)
  • ExtensionInDays (see ebay docu)

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