Basic lib to simplify App setup with IoC, .env and configuration

v1.0.0 2021-04-11 11:36 UTC


Basic lib to simplify App setup with IoC, .env and configuration


Create your own app and add the traits you need. The default basic App already provides use HasContainer.

use Macrominds\App\App;

class MyApp extends App {
    use \Macrominds\Config\UsesDotEnv;
    use \Macrominds\Config\IsConfigurable;
    use \Macrominds\Services\AllowsServiceRegistration;
    use \Macrominds\App\HasDefaultProjectPath;

    protected function registerServices(string $projectPath) 

Coding Style

Run vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix . to apply coding style fixes.

Testing this Project

Run ./vendor/bin/phpunit to run the tests.

Automatic testing and docker images

This project provides a .gitlab-ci.yml and thus uses GitLab CI/CD.

To build the images locally:

$ ./ci.bash build-all-local

Run phpunit inside the containers:

$ ./ci.bash test-all-local

Build and publish the images for gitlab CI (also see gitlab docs):

$ ./ci.bash build-all-remotes-and-publish

Reuse testing setup for your projects


to your project's .gitlab-ci.yml.

If necessary, override the used variables.

See .gitlab-ci.yml for an example of local includes and see the GitLab documentation for includes for a deep dive into local and remote include options and how to override variables.

Metrics and Coverage

  • metrics: composer app:phpmetrics
  • coverage report: composer app:coverage The reports are stored in the report directory. Both scripts will output the path to the reports after successful completion.