Track and limit any auth, OTP, or any other type of action.

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2.0.3 2020-11-21 22:18 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-09-09 11:27:29 UTC


A handy library to track any type of action and limit the amount of attempts made in a period of time frame.

Useful things to track and limit:

  • Login attempts.
  • One Time Pin (OTP) attempts.
  • Any thing else you want to limit or monitor.


  • Track on any metric you want, like email, username, etc.
  • Configurable limits.
  • Multiple backend drivers:
    • Redis (Predis Client)
    • Laravel (Cache Facade)


If using with the Laravel Drivers:

Use tags for version 1.x when used with Laravel version less than 5.8

composer require machaven/track-attempts:^1.0

Use tags for version 2.x when used with Laravel version 5.8+

composer require machaven/track-attempts:^2.0

If used with predis driver:

composer require machaven/track-attempts:^2.0

Class Configuration

Minimum Configuration

$config = ['driver' => 'predis', userIdentifier' => $username];
$attempts = (new \Machaven\TrackAttempts\TrackAttempts($config))->getDriver();

Full Configuration

$config = [
    'driver' => 'predis', // Driver to use ('predis' or 'laravel')
    'userIdentifier' => $username, // A variable with a unique identifier for the session/user
    'maxAttempts' => 3, // Max attempts limit
    'systemName' => 'my-website', // System Identifier used in cache key prefix.
    'ttlInMinutes' => 5, // Keep track of attempts in a five minute period.
    'actionName' => 'login', // The name of the action you are tracking.
$attempts = (new \Machaven\TrackAttempts\TrackAttempts($config))->getDriver();

The configuration above will create a key named: my-website:login:$username.

Predis Driver Configuration

The predis driver requires redis settings to be configured in a .env file in your project root folder.

Example .env:



Keeping count

>>> $attempts->increment();
=> true

Getting the count

>>> $attempts->getCount();
=> 1

Checking if the limit is reached

>>> $attempts->isLimitReached();
=> false

Clearing all attempts

>>> $attempts->clear();
=> true

Checking the time left before the count expires (in seconds)

>>> $attempts->getTimeUntilExpired();
=> 188

Incrementing attempts

>>> $attempts->increment();

Using increment to track and check (example of max limit of 3 attempts)

>>> $attempts->incrementAndCheckLimit();
=> true
>>> $attempts->incrementAndCheckLimit();
=> true
>>> $attempts->incrementAndCheckLimit();
=> true
>>> $attempts->incrementAndCheckLimit();
=> false