PHP wrapper for Python script igc2kmz, an IGC to Google Earth converter.

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PHP wrapper for Python script igc2kmz, an IGC to Google Earth converter.

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What is igc2kmz-php?

igc2kmz-php allows you to use Python script igc2kmz, an IGC to Google Earth converter, with your PHP application.

In a nutshell: you can convert IGC files to KMZ files.

IGC is a Data File Standard, developed by the IGC GPS Subcommittee and the Gliding Flight Data Recorder Manufacturers (…) to facilitate the introduction of GPS technology into gliding and in particular into competition verification and the homologation of badge and record flights, using GPS, by the FAI.

KML is an XML notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within Internet-based, two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional Earth browsers. KMZ files are zipped KML files consisting of a single root KML document and optionally any overlays, images and icons.


  • igc2kmz Python script
  • Python version 2.x, not version 3.0 (as required by igc2kmz)
  • PHP 7.1 or greater

What's what

  • igc2kmz is a Python script to convert IGC files to KMZ files.
  • igc2kmz-php is a PHP wrapper around the igc2kmz Python script.


The recommended way to install igc2kmz-php is by using composer:

$ composer require m165437/igc2kmz-php

This will install the PHP package with your application. Please keep in mind that the Python script igc2kmz is not included.

Install the Python script igc2kmz using Composer

Head over to m165437/igc2kmz-installer.

Usage of igc2kmz-php

  1. Get an instance of the \Igc2KmzPhp\Igc2KmzInterface implementation, \Igc2KmzPhp\Igc2Kmz. Pass the path to the igc2kmz binary to the constructor.
  2. Set the igc file and options on your \Igc2KmzPhp\Igc2Kmz instance.
  3. Run your command.
$igc2kmz = new Igc2Kmz('vendor/bin/igc2kmz');

With Laravel

This package includes a Laravel service provider and registers itself via Package Discovery.

Type-hint the class in a constructor or method that is resolved by Laravel's service container. It's automatically resolved and injected into the class.

public function __construct(Igc2Kmz $igc2kmz)
    $this->igc2kmz = $igc2kmz;

If you need to change the default binary path vendor/bin/igc2kmz, create a config file config/igc2kmz.php and set the path in there.

return [
    'binary' => 'alternative/path/igc2kmz'

Code Examples

Keep in mind that igc2kmz-php is designed to keep its state, run \Igc2KmzPhp\Igc2KmzInterface::resetOptions and \Igc2KmzPhp\Igc2KmzInterface::resetPhotos to get rid of the options and photos you set for the next call on the instance.

Convert flight.igc to output.kmz

Make sure your igc path is correct and readable, and your output path is writable.


Set pilot name and glider type

For individual flights you can override the pilot name and glider type (otherwise they are taken from the IGC file).

    ->pilotName('Jane Doe')
    ->gliderType('NOVA Mentor 5')

Add photos with comments

    ->addPhoto('https://domain.tld/photo_1.jpg', 'Comment on first image')
    ->addPhoto('https://domain.tld/photo_2.jpg', 'Comment on second image')

Get process before it is run

$process = $igc2kmz

// do stuff with the process



Run the tests with:



Credit goes to Tom Payne for creating igc2kmz.


Thank you for considering contributing to this package! Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


igc2kmz-php is licensed under the MIT License (MIT). Please see the LICENSE file for more information.