This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the m12/neos-pb-site package instead.

Neos CMS site package for M12.Foundation

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v1.0.0 2015-12-21 20:01 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-02-01 12:42:56 UTC


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Site package which works together with M12.Foundation and other plugins with UI/UX components.


Include in your main composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "your/other": "dependencies/here",
        "m12/neos-foundation": "dev-master",
        "m12/neos-pb-site": "dev-master"

and run composer install

Build process

npm and gulp is used to compile/minify styles and JavaScript.

From ~/neos-site/Packages/Sites/Pb.Site you can run:

# Install npm and bower dependencies:
npm install

# Run complete build
npm run build
npm run build:prod # to minify/compress files

# Run gulp watch
npm start


Licensed under: The MIT License (MIT)

Sponsored by PrototypeBrewery.io - the new prototyping tool for building fully interactive prototypes of your website or web app. Built on top of Neos CMS and Zurb Foundation framework.