Get informations about countries.

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This package gives you access effortlessly to data from every country.


Via Composer

composer require lykegenes/laravel-countries


You can search for a specific country using one of the following unique country codes :

$country = \Countries::getByAlpha2Code('CA'); // 2-letters country code from ISO3166
$country = \Countries::getByAlpha3Code('CAN'); // 3-letters country code from ISO3166
$country = \Countries::getByNumericCode(124); // 3-digits country code from ISO3166

You can retrieve an array of countries using their region of one of their currencies :

$countries = \Countries::getByCurrency('CAD'); /// A 3-letters currency code

// Search by region
$countries = \Countries::getByRegion(\Countries::$REGION_AFRICA);
$countries = \Countries::getByRegion(\Countries::$REGION_AMERICAS);
$countries = \Countries::getByRegion(\Countries::$REGION_ANTARCTICA);
$countries = \Countries::getByRegion(\Countries::$REGION_ASIA);
$countries = \Countries::getByRegion(\Countries::$REGION_EUROPE);
$countries = \Countries::getByRegion(\Countries::$REGION_OCEANIA);

Results will be returned as Country objects. These objects have the following helper methods :

$country = \Countries::getByAlpha3Code('CAN');

$country->getAlpha2Code();      // 'CA'
$country->getAlpha3Code();      // 'CAN'
$country->getNumericCode();     // 124
$country->getOfficialName();    // 'Canada'

$country->getAttributes();      // An array of all the raw attributes.

It is also possible to generate simple PHP array that can be used to generate an HTML select input.

// All parameters are optionnal. These are the defaults.
// $key             The country attribute to use as key. (default: 'cca3', 3-letters country code from ISO3166)
// $official        True for the offical country name, False for the common name. (default: false)
// $localization    A 3-letter locale code to try to translate. Will default to English if it`s missing. (default: null)
$countries = \Countries::getListForDropdown('cca3', false, 'fra');

//This will return the following
    'CAN' => 'Canada',
    'USA' => 'États-Unis',



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.