Lum DB libraries

v2.0.6 2022-07-22 20:48 UTC



Database abstraction classes for PHP.

These have additional runtime requirements past those in the default require property, depending on which libraries you intend to use.

See the sections below, or see require-dev for a full list.



These are used by the rest of the libraries, and generally aren't needed in public code.

Class Description
Lum\DB\Child Abstract class for ORM children.
Lum\DB\ModelCommon A trait for ORM model classes.
Lum\DB\ResultToArray A trait providing a to_array() method.


Class Description
Lum\DB\PDO\InsertArray A simplistic INSERT statement builder.
Lum\DB\PDO\Item A class representing an Item in an ORM model.
Lum\DB\PDO\Model An abstract class representing an ORM model.
Lum\DB\PDO\Query An SQL Query builder class.
Lum\DB\PDO\ResultArray A result class that acts like an array.
Lum\DB\PDO\ResultBag A quirky extension of ResultArray.
Lum\DB\PDO\ResultSet A lazy loading result class. A good default.
Lum\DB\PDO\Simple A simple PDO wrapper library.
Lum\DB\PDO\WhereArray A simplistic WHERE statement builder.
Lum\DB\PDO\Simple\Alter A trait with ALTER TABLE methods.
Lum\DB\PDO\Simple\NativeDB A trait for running engine-specific SQL files.


Classes for working with MongoDB via the mongodb extension (not the older mongo extension) and the `mongodb/mongodb' library.

Class Description
Lum\DB\Mongo\Item A class representing an Item in an ORM model.
Lum\DB\Mongo\Model An abstract class representing an ORM model.
Lum\DB\Mongo\Results A class representing a set of query results.
Lum\DB\Mongo\Simple A simple MongoDB wrapper library.


Classes for working with Schemata files.

It's currently specific to PDO schemata, and uses it's own custom JSON-based format for the schema definition files. It's really awkward, but is being used in several production systems, so here it remains for the time being.

It's currently also limited to working with custom classes that extend the Lum\DB\PDO\Simple class, and include the Lum\DB\PDO\Simple\NativeDB trait.

This entire set of classes is actually planned to be replaced by a new library using a Yaml-based language called DIML (a cousin to RIML) to define the db schemata instead of database-specific SQL files. When that happens, I will drop these libraries from this package, and bump the major version number.

Class Description
Lum\DB\Schemata\Tables A class representing a full set of table schemas.
Lum\DB\Schemata\Table An internal class representing a table schema.


Write some tests.

I can write SQL generation tests that instead of performing actual queries against a database, simply return the SQL and data array that would have been passed. This only works with the PDO classes, not the MongoDB ones.

I can also make some live tests using the SQLite PDO driver.

Official URLs

This library can be found in two places:


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