A Pest PHP plugin that makes testing popular Money packages easy.

v1.1.0 2021-11-18 11:47 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-18 16:46:26 UTC


This package is a plugin for Pest PHP. It allows you to write tests against monetary values provided by either brick/money, moneyphp/money or archtechx/money using the same declarative syntax you're used to with Pest's expectation syntax.


To get started, install the plugin using composer:

composer require lukeraymonddowning/pest-plugin-money --dev

This package requires the following:

  • Pest PHP
  • Either the Brick Money, MoneyPHP or Archtech Money libraries
  • PHP 7.3 or greater


Using the plugin is simple! Here are examples of the expectations made available by this plugin. We will use Brick Money for all of our examples, but they work exactly the same with MoneyPHP.


To simply assert that an object is a monetary value, use the toBeMoney method:

expect(Money::of(100, "GBP"))->toBeMoney();
expect("Hello World")->not->toBeMoney();


To check that a monetary value is equal to a certain amount, use the toCost method:

expect(Money::of(150, "GBP"))->toCost(150, 'GBP');
expect(Money::of(150, "GBP"))->toCost($anotherMoneyObject);
expect(Money::of(150, "GBP"))->not->toCost(100, 'GBP');


To check that a monetary value is less than a certain amount, use the toCostLessThan method:

expect(Money::of(150, "GBP"))->toCostLessThan(160, 'GBP');
expect(Money::of(150, "GBP"))->toCostLessThan($anotherMoneyObject);
expect(Money::of(150, "GBP"))->not->toCostLessThan(140, 'GBP');


To check that a monetary value is more than a certain amount, use the toCostMoreThan method:

expect(Money::of(150, "GBP"))->toCostMoreThan(140, 'GBP');
expect(Money::of(150, "GBP"))->toCostMoreThan($anotherMoneyObject);
expect(Money::of(150, "GBP"))->not->toCostMoreThan(160, 'GBP');

Choosing a money library

This package will attempt to autodetect which of the supported money libraries you have installed. If you want to enforce which library to use, you can call the useMoneyLibrary function. Pass the class name of the relevant money package:

useMoneyLibrary(\Money\Money::class); // Use the MoneyPHP library
useMoneyLibrary(\Brick\Money\Money::class); // Use the Brick Money library
useMoneyLibrary(\ArchTech\Money\Money::class); // Use the Archtech Money library

Setting a default currency

If your application primarily uses a single currency, it can be annoying having to declare it as the second argument for each expectation. By setting a default, you can omit the currency and just provide the amount:

expect($money)->toCost('100'); // Uses Great British Pounds

expect($money)->toCost('100'); // Uses US Dollars