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Laravel Larex: Crowdin Plugin

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A Laravel Larex plugin to import/export localization strings from/to Crowdin

📋 Requirements

🚀 Installation

You can install the package using composer:

composer require lukasss93/laravel-larex-crowdin --dev

Then add the service provider to config/app.php.
This step can be skipped if package auto-discovery is enabled.

'providers' => [

⚙ Publishing the config file

Publishing the config file is optional:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Lukasss93\LarexCrowdin\LarexCrowdinServiceProvider" --tag="larex-crowdin-config"

🔧 Configuration

  1. Install Laravel Larex ≥ v3.5
  2. Publish (if you haven't already) and edit your larex.php config
  3. Append the Crowdin importer in the importers.list array:
    'importers' => [
        'list' => [
            'crowdin' => Lukasss93\LarexCrowdin\Importers\CrowdinImporter::class,
  4. Append the Crowdin exporter in the exporters.list array:
    'exporters' => [
        'list' => [
            'crowdin' => Lukasss93\LarexCrowdin\Exporters\CrowdinExporter::class,
  5. Edit your .env file and append the following strings:
    # You can generate your token here:
    # Please note: this library supports only the Crowdin API v2
    # You can get your project id (API v2) here: 

👓 Usage

  • Run php artisan larex:import crowdin to import strings from your Crowdin Project into your Larex CSV
  • Run php artisan larex:export crowdin to export strings from your Larex CSV into your Crowdin Project
  • You can still use the --include and --exclude options to select specific languages to import/export

⚗️ Testing

composer test

🔰 Version Support

Larex Crowdin L7.x L8.x L9.x
Larex Crowdin PHP7.4 PHP8.0 PHP8.1

📃 Changelog

Please see the for more information on what has changed recently.

🏅 Credits

📖 License

Please see the file for more information.