Symfony2 integration for Procrastinator (lstrojny/procrastinator)

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Symfony2 integration for Procrastinator

Example usage in controller to execute event only if the postFlush event in Doctrine occured

use Procrastinator\Deferred\DoctrineEventConditionalDeferred as Deferred;
use Doctrine\ORM\Events as OrmEvents;

class MyController ...
    public function sendMailAction()
        $entry = new Entity();
        $entry->setText('hello world');

        $message = Message::newInstance()
                    ->setBody('new entry');
        $mailer = $this->get('mailer');

                ->call(function() use ($mailer, $message) { $mailer->send($message); })

        $em = $this->get('doctrine.orm.default_entity_manager');